What to look for when selecting an orthodontist?

The increasing complexity of orthodontic treatment, together with the maturation of the market, has served to provide potential patients with a number of treatment options. You have one opportunity to get outstanding results. Making the right decision for your needs can be greatly enhanced by understanding and utilizing the following criteria in your selection process. In evaluating your options for treatment, we have put together some great tips if considering an orthodontist:

Tip #1 Ensure that the practice is up-to-date on the latest advances in the profession.

There have been significant advances in orthodontics treatment in recent years. This resulted in moving the orthodontic appliance (braces) from a ready made system that fits all, to a custom appliance that meets patient needs and teeth shape. Ask for a detailed explanation of what technology is utilized to deliver excellent results and if they are using any custom made appliance like SureSmile.

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