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What Signs Indicate The Need For Orthodontic Treatment?

Have you always wanted a better smile? Orthodontic treatment in Plano, Texas can be just the right investment when searching for the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. 

Are you wondering if your child is too young to start using braces? It’s not too early if your child is around age 6.  The best choice for your child’s teeth health would be implementing orthodontic treatment into their bright oral health future. 

The first step to take towards this rewarding process of improving your children’s teeth is by putting interceptive treatment into effect using the best orthodontics in Plano, Texas.

Interceptive Treatment In Plano, Texas

Also known as “early treatment”, this special orthodontic treatment involves beginning braces for your child while baby teeth are still present. By this time, the child has enough teeth and the orthodontist can more effectively evaluate the teeth and jaw currently being developed. This allows the orthodontist to properly assess the orthodontic treatment needed for the child.

Deciding On Orthodontic Treatment

You may be pondering on whether orthodontic treatment is the beneficial thing to do for you and/or your child right now.

The first things to consider when figuring out if orthodontic treatment is right for you will be discovered after you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did your child’s baby teeth fall out too early or late?
  2. Does a misalignment in your teeth make it difficult to chew or bite down?
  3. Do you feel that your jaw is misaligned?
  4. Have you noticed uneven spacing between your teeth?
  5. Do you have crooked teeth?
  6. Does your smile seem too crowded?
  7. Do your teeth overlap?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, get with an orthodontist in Plano, Texas soon in order to discuss orthodontic treatment plans and procedures.

Other habits to look out for are finger sucking and poor nutrition. These are added risk factors for bite issues. Not having enough room in the jaw is something that will cause overlapping of the teeth and crookedness.

The Best Orthodontic Treatment In Plano, Texas

The most important point is that early examination is key. Get with Dr. Hanoun, an experienced board certified Orthodontist at Infinite Orthodontics in Plano, Texas today. Around the age of 7 is a good age to start thinking about orthodontic treatment or at least get an initial evaluation. Adults will benefit from braces treatment for the rest of your life. No one is ever too old to get braces in order to start getting the straighter smile you have always wanted.

So Why Get Braces?

Here are some very good reasons why you should think about getting braces in the near future:

  • They will provide you with a more appealing, gorgeous smile.
  • Braces will definitely improve your oral health. Crowded and overlapping teeth make it harder for you to properly clean and wash them. This increases your chances of developing continuing tooth decay.

Bite problems must be treated accordingly in order to avoid these problems:

  1. Teeth wear and tear.
  2. Fracturing of your teeth.
  3. Chipping of the teeth.

After reading, I hope you can see that braces can overall improve your lifestyle. Braces are not only beneficial to your appearance, but could also prevent problems with your oral health far down the road. Click here for more information on our conventional braces orthodontic treatments.

What Does Orthodontic Treatment in Plano, Texas involve?

Orthodontic treatment in Plano, Texas will improve the overall appearance of your teeth. Participating in this highly rewarding treatment will better allow you to chew your food.

This treatment will also improve speech functions. Other positive aspects involved in this procedure include protecting your teeth from further damage and decay.

Dr. Hanoun, a board certified orthodontist at Infinite Orthodontics in Plano, Texas will provide the best orthodontic treatment and may use a variety of medical and dental devices such as braces, bite plates, Expander, Invisalign, Invisible or Hidden Lingual Braces, Bite corrector, functional appliances, and headgear depending on your unique needs.

What Are The Best And Most Effective Orthodontics Treatments?

This is one of the most popular types of orthodontic treatments in Plano, Texas. This treatment assists in intelligently straightening the teeth without the use of metal braces, bans, or wire.


Your Plano orthodontist will customize aligner trays specifically for you that must be worn about 21-23 hours a day.

A great advantage to invisalign in Plano, Texas is that it allows you to remove these trays when you are about to eat, brush your teeth, and floss.

The best part of Invisalign is that no one will ever know you are undergoing treatment because the aligner trays are made out of clear thermoplastic materials, which cause this orthodontic treatment to appear invisible.

Will Invisalign Work For Me?

Orthodontics in Plano, Texas recommend invisalign because it can correct many of the same teeth issues that traditional braces can also correct. This is why many patients prefer invisalign and can benefit from this orthodontic treatment.

However, this is not the treatment for everyone. Invisalign may not entirely correct malocclusion or misalignment. The better treatment suited for these issues is conventional orthodontics, including conventional or hidden invisible braces. Click here to explore our extraordinary Invisalign treatments at Infinite Orthodontists.


Traditional metal braces will help improve oral health, function, and overall teeth appearance. 

Braces progressively shift the teeth as time goes by, using gentle pressure. This is done with the placement of special brackets and wire, customized for the patient.

Commonly, orthodontic patients must come into their local orthodontist in order to get their braces adjusted one a month, The timeline depends on the needs of the patients but it can take up to 16 to 24 months to complete this conventional orthodontic treatment.

Are Braces The Right Orthodontic Choice For You?

Almost anyone interested in better oral health by straightening their teeth can definitely benefit from conventional braces. Candidates for braces must have good oral health. This means that in order to qualify for braces, patients must not have gum disease or major tooth decay.

If other remedial treatments are needed, they can be performed by Infinite Orthodontists in Plano, Texas prior to conventional orthodontic braces treatment.

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