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What a Free Consultation from Your Plano Orthodontist Can Uncover

If you’ve ever been curious about braces and the benefits that they offer, then consider a free consultation from Issa Orthodontics, Plano Tx’s premier place for Orthodontic treatment. Braces can make your smile brighter and can make it last a bit longer while enhancing your self-esteem. A benefit of braces is that they are affordable with many options available.

The Benefits

When you talk to Dr. Issa at your free consultation, you’ll learn about the many benefits that are offered from Orthodontic alignment techniques. Your pictures will look better, you’ll have a comfortable bite, and your jaw will be in a position so that you’re comfortable while eating, talking, or sleeping. The orthodontist you talk to will discuss the expectations that you have as well as what braces can realistically do for you.


There are numerous treatment options that Dr. Issa will talk about when you meet for your consultation. Some of the options include Invisalign and traditional braces depending on what would be best for your teeth and if there are any severe issues that need to be corrected. Your orthodontist will also talk about whether any teeth need to be pulled before treatment can begin or if there are special components that should be used in order to get your teeth straight and get your jaw aligned properly.


When you talk to your Plano Orthodontist, you can discuss the timeline of how long you might have to wear braces. Every mouth is different, so you might not have to wear braces as long as others, but an average length of time is 12 to 20 months. The stage your teeth are at when orthodontic treatment begins plays a role in how long you’ll have braces as well. While you’re in the office, you can talk about the options available for financing as there are often solutions for almost every budget.

Contact us , your Plano Tx Orthodontist, today to set up an appointment to talk about your braces and how to get the smile you deserve.