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Truly Hidden Braces

lingual braces in Plano Tx

There is a new name for invisible: INBRACE. A new paradigm in orthodontic mechanics and ease of use, INBRACE is 21st century aesthetic orthodontics.

INBRACE Smartwire technology is the most advanced innovation in orthodontics since Invisalign arrived in the 1990s. Twenty years of advances in AI, 3D image processing, and materials science and you have INBRACE.

Satisfied patients love telling their friends about INBRACE. While INBRACE is hidden, patients can’t stop showing it off to their friends, family, even on Instagram, because they have never seen anything like it before. Most new INBRACE patients are referred by current INBRACE patients.

Let your prospective patients know that not all orthodontic practices are the same. By offering INBRACE you are sending a message to patients: you offer the most advanced solutions AND you care about each patient’s experience.

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What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are just one of a very few types of this fixed orthodontic treatment devices available to individuals needing this kind of orthodontic treatment. The braces fit onto the teeth and the braces are fitted onto the top part of each tooth. These braces are made up of metal screws and these screws hold the metal braces on to the top side of the tooth. They also involve attaching the orthodontic brackets to the back sides of your teeth.

Are you a candidate for lingual braces?

The only way to understand whether braces are ideal for you will be to consult with your orthodontist in Plano, Tx. In general, lingual braces may correct the very same sorts of alignment problems as regular (buccal) braces. But braces are not right for everybody. Patients with overbites, by means of example, may experience some trouble with mounts popping off. At your consultation, our orthodontist will examine your teeth and discuss which therapy options are very likely to work for you.


Are lingual braces uncomfortable compared to other braces?

For many patients, the discomfort of braces is significant. To improve patients’ comfort, more producers are creating lingual brackets smoother and smaller. The brackets may also be customized, which has been shown to decrease discomfort. 

As the teeth start to move, Regardless of what type of braces you decide on, you will have some discomfort. 

You are probably going to want to eat foods before the pain subsides such as eggs, rice, and yoghurt. When brackets come into contact with the tissues inside your mouth, braces may also cause pain. 

With lingual braces, the tongue is a frequent site of pain due to the place of the mounts. For short term relief of tender spots, you could try a topical tooth pain relief gel or a small amount of wax over any sharp edges on your brackets.

lingual braces in Plano Tx

How much do incognito braces cost?

Incognito braces are often valued more than traditional braces. It’s important to not forget that Incognito technology is customized to generate the braces a perfect fit, which raises the treatment specialization and effort. At Infinite Orthodontics, our Incognito braces treatment runs anywhere from $3,000-$10,000.

Does my insurance cover lingual treatment?

Each insurance program is different. Your insurance plan may pay for the full or partial expense of your orthodontic treatment, or perhaps it doesn’t contribute to the payment at all. You need to consult with your health team and your insurer to determine your situation.

What are the advantages of lingual braces?

Apart from being invisible when straightening your teeth, lingual braces are as effective as aligners in regards to movements like altering the elevation of your own teeth, closing gaps, or adjusting rotations. Stains in your teeth which exist from braces, like discoloration or white spots are going to be on the interior of the teeth.