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Self-ligating braces in Richardson

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Self-ligating braces appear and work just like traditional braces; however, they allow a more high-level and satisfying experience. At Infinite Orthodontics in Richardson, TX, we offer the self-ligating option since it’s the classic solution for some of our patients.

 Self-ligating braces are formed from the very materials as traditional braces; though, self-ligating braces do not need the help of elastics, indicating less pressure being exerted on the tooth and fewer office visits. These braces come with common metal, clear or ceramic brackets. They are similar in size to traditional braces, except with a range of choices, they can offer a more artistic look, especially for adult patients.

What’s better? Self-ligating braces or traditional braces?

Self-ligating braces and traditional braces are both compelling in shifting teeth to deliver desirable results. But, with self-ligating braces, there are a few benefits in rendering more comfortable and more moderate pressures on the teeth for gentler tooth movement. Also, self-ligating braces, unlike traditional braces, are easier to clean and more useful for the orthodontist to bond archwires to the teeth, for a more effective procedure.

Though, in 2008, the “Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics” declared that traditional metal braces were still the most efficient type and can be used to deal with serious bite problems and extremely crooked teeth.

 If you have misaligned teeth and jaw, and/or yearn for having a healthy and beautiful smile, visit and ask our orthodontic team. We will evaluate and determine the most suitable orthodontic treatment for you.

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How are self-ligating braces different from traditional braces?

Over the years, traditional metal braces have been the norm for offering orthodontic treatment for patients. However, with the breakthrough of technology in recent years, more innovative self-ligating braces have become in high demand with orthodontists to treat patients and deliver exemplary outcomes. Below are some points to differentiate the two.

Traditional metal braces are made from premium stainless steel and are intended to align your teeth by using metal brackets and archways.

  • The brackets are attached to the outer surface of the tooth and use rubber bands or ligatures to support the wire onto the bracket.
  • Collectively, the archwire/brackets/module system enables the moving of the tooth within a more suitable position.

Self-ligating braces are manufactured from similar materials; though they do not use rubber bands, therefore there is less force being exerted on the teeth. Brackets are commonly formed from traditional metal, clear, or ceramic materials.

  • There is no practical need for a module – it uses a special slide mechanism that removes the need for elastic or metal ties.
  • The closing mechanism is either open or shut, so it is easier to make sure that the archwire is completely engaged.

Do self-ligating braces move your teeth faster?

No, technically, self-ligating braces don’t move teeth faster. Your teeth move as a result of pressure. Your teeth don’t understand or mind what type of device is used to move them toward a certain place.

Having said that, at times, treatment periods can be somewhat shorter when using self-ligating braces, as compared to traditional braces. This is due to the fact that self-ligating braces remove some of the mechanical crunches linked with traditional braces. The teeth typically take a more straightforward way to their ultimate targets because of the lack of interference and the free-sliding system.

Do I need rubber bands for self-ligating braces?

Elastic rubber bands are not used with self-ligating braces. A separate type of bracket is applied to the tooth since nothing is keeping the archwire connected to the braces (metal brackets). It’s a bit smaller than the traditional one and has a small hook on the front that can be opened and closed by the dentist to put or eliminate the archwire.


Are self-ligating braces more expensive?

Self-ligating braces will cost more, normally cost approximately $1,000 more than traditional braces. The seemlier bracket system that covers self-ligating braces is pricier than traditional metal brackets.

How much are self-ligating braces in Richardson Tx?

Pertaining to the functionality and appearance of your smile, the outcomes you acquire from orthodontics are valuable. When you decide to invest in yourself that will last for the rest of your life, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most favorable treatment possible.

 With this in mind, the cost of self-ligating braces is quite similar to that of traditional braces, and even clear braces treatments such as Invisalign. Self-ligating braces normally cost between $3,500 and $8,500.

 The cost of self-ligating braces includes the entire features of treatment: pre-braces check-up (for instance, x-rays and orthodontic appointments), coupled with all the materials used (including brackets, archwires, and bands) and usual appointments to the office. Your follow-up retainer care may be added, considering not all orthodontists provide retainers as part of the cost.

Does dental insurance cover self-ligating braces

Now and then, dental insurance plans incorporate braces treatment, though it depends on your particular provider and plan.

Normally, the most basic plans won’t cover any orthodontic procedure, while the more extensive and premium plans will. Every insurance company has a plan that might include braces. This coverage also can bear other types of braces.

But not all independent plans will include braces, so we suggest you verify these treatments are covered before you acquire your policy.

It’s likewise recommended that you retain the same insurance plan during your whole orthodontic treatment. Most orthodontic coverage will not incorporate braces if they have already been used to the teeth before the valid period of the policy. This would be viewed as a pre-existing condition and becomes an out-of-pocket expense.

Your Reliable Self-Ligating Braces at Richardson

If you want to learn more about self-ligating braces, Dr. Hanoun can discuss your treatment plan in more detail.

The first step towards a healthy, beautiful smile is to book an appointment. Please call our office at (972) 931-9998 or complete the appointment request form. Infinite Orthodontics will be glad to go over all of your options and answer any inquiries that you may have.