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Question: Is it Painful to Get Braces?

One question that patients, especially teenagers want to ask the orthodontist is whether getting braces hurts. It’s a common concern that isn’t asked very often because they truly fear knowing the answer. The answer is that Plano Orthodontic Specialists, such as Dr. Omar Issa can do the job quickly and painlessly.

The Process of Getting Braces

Cementing orthodontic brackets to the teeth is actually not the first step in the process. Before the teen shows up for the appointment, Dr. Issa has already done a lot of work upfront. He has already worked out the exact placement of the brackets on study models. He may even use a template to ensure the brackets go into the proper places.

The actual process of cementing the brackets into place and applying the orthodontic wire takes about two hours, in most cases. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure without any discomfort.

Dr. Issa applies cement to the surface of the teeth, putting the bracket into place, and allowing the cement to cure. Then, he applies the wire to the brackets. The wire is what helps move the teeth into their final positions.

Most patients experience light pressure while wearing braces. Today’s orthodontic technology and practice helps reduce inflammation and discomfort.

After Getting Braces: is it Painful?

Many people experience some discomfort in the first days after getting braces. This is often associated with the brackets pressing inside the cheeks and lips. Frequent application of orthodontic wax will help prevent this problem from occurring. The orthodontist’s team will usually offer plenty of wax to keep soreness down.

Minor changes in diet may also be required. Orthodontists recommend those wearing braces to choose soft foods that are not sticky. Sticky or hard foods might cause the brackets to bend or break, or pull out the wire.

After getting braces, the orthodontist will give specific instructions on what to do while you are wearing the braces. The instructions will cover how to apply wax and how to brush and floss properly.

Braces can transform your smile. They are painless to install and, with proper care, cause minimal discomfort while wearing them. Within a few days, you will almost forget you are wearing them. If you are interested in learning more about braces, make an appointment today to talk with Plano’s Top Orthodontist, Dr. Omar Issa.