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Propel Orthodontics in Dallas, Texas

Propel Orthodontics in Dallas

At Infinite Orthodontics, Dr. Hanoun and his team of experts are offering flexible payment options to help all patients achieve the smile that they deserve. Conveniently located, Infinite Orthodontics is easily accessible to all of North Dallas. We understand that among the greatest concerns of our patients as pertains to orthodontics are the fear of a long treatment period. We are delighted to provide accelerated orthodontic treatment with PROPEL Orthodontics!


What is Propel?

Several patients, particularly adults, waver at the notion of spending ages straightening their teeth; however, at this age, there’s a method to avoid that thanks to the bright minds and years of expertise at Orthodontics. Propel might be the one for you. This advanced system expedites tooth movement, and although each patient’s condition is different, many can now have their orthodontic treatment achieved shorter than one year.

Not only does this make your teeth move faster, but your orthodontist will be more capable of determining specifically where those teeth are moving. Your treatment won’t need to be a fortune-telling strategy, but instead an operation in certainty.

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How does Propel work?

PROPEL utilizes your biology to make the procedure speed up. It triggers the bone that envelops the teeth, promoting faster movement. The span of your orthodontic treatment can be impacted by many things. But, the huge factor that influences how quickly your teeth dash toward their new positions is the speed of bone remodelling.

This state-of-the-art technology produces micro osteo-perforations to help spur bone composition in the upper and lower jaw. Micro osteo-perforations is a process in which tiny puncture openings are shaped in the bones surrounding your teeth to hasten their shifting in orthodontic treatments. With the help of aligners or braces, teeth already push through bone with the help of several various cells, some of which cause swelling.

Our orthodontist practices Propel to make small holes in the bone tissue framing the teeth, leading to a localized increase in blood circulation and cytokines. Thus, it produces a favorable inflammatory response. Then, the tissues rebuild more quickly in response to the preferred orthodontics. This indicates that results exhibit far more quickly than they usually would.

Benefits of Propel Orthodontics

Dramatically reduce treatment time

The treatment is nominally intrusive and, with the use of a local anesthetic, almost painless. It’s likewise a fast in-office treatment that will have you out the door and return to your regular activities with no need for layoff.

Fewer orthodontic appointments

Despite the fact that you love visiting us and having an appointment here, you don’t need to make several consultations with Propel. Considering the period you’re wearing your braces is shorter than conventional braces alone, you make far fewer visits to the orthodontist, which saves you money and time.

Can be used with both braces & aligners

Regardless if you prefer to wear metal, ceramic, or lingual braces or Invisalign aligners, you can use Propel to accelerate the time consumed wearing either aligners or braces. Though, you still have to watch what you eat and observe proper oral hygiene practices.

Improved oral health

Even teeth indicate teeth and gums that are easier to clean and floss. Misalignment or overcrowding can make it hard to brush and floss well. With straighter teeth in a shorter time, your oral health receives a lift, just like traditional braces. You’ll also be able to chew, eat, and speak more comfortably.

During your visit to Dallas at Infinite Orthodontics, patients can determine if Propel is the right option for you.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Propel?

Propel candidates can especially be identified by your orthodontic provider, as every patient is different.

Propel Orthodontics is not for everybody, but approximately 80 percent of patients can get this treatment. We can practice it with any procedure type, from headgear to braces. 

But, numerous patients can take advantage of Propel, provided that you have a firm commitment to expedite your time in braces. Generally, patients can achieve a perfect smile in just a year or less, hastening their treatment period by 30% or even 50%.

Is Propel Orthodontics Safe?

Of course! Propel is an exclusive, FDA-cleared technology supported by a university study that utilizes moderate high-frequency vibrations to shift teeth faster. There are no dangers associated with using Propel devices. Most patients describe no pain at all. No healing time is required, and once the process is completed, you return to your normal life naturally.

Propel Treatment Aftercare

Like we mentioned above, there’s no recuperation period after a Propel procedure; however, there are several measures you can practice to make sure you attain the maximum advantage. After your treatment:

Your mouth might be somewhat sore, though it will dissipate within a day or so. You mustn’t take anti-inflammatory pain medication such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Inflammation is a great thing in this situation because the inflammatory response is how Propel forms its conjuring tricks to boost orthodontic treatment.

Avoid spicy foods and anything with citric acid (such as, limes, lemons, or orange juice) for a couple of days since the treatment area can feel a little like when a slice of meat stings the palate or roof of your mouth.

As the micro-perforations are recovering, gargle with sheer hydrogen peroxide two or three times per day to keep your mouth disinfected and spotlessly clean. Indeed, it tastes rather bad so do not hesitate to proceed by brushing with some luscious toothpaste.

Have your Propel Orthodontics in Dallas!

If you’re interested in Propel in Dallas and want to learn more, give Infinite Orthodontics a call today for a complimentary consultation.

Dr. Hanonun will assess you and check your dental records to get a better understanding of what’s happening with your teeth and jaws. We specialize in a set of orthodontics for teens and adults and determine if Propel can set you on a fast pace to have that perfect smile you long wished.