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Board Certified Orthodontist In Richardson Texas

At Infinite Orthodontics, we are proud to offer the Richardson, Texas community with different alternatives to traditional orthodontic treatment.


Traditional Braces in Richardson Texas

Ideal for any patients wanting to achieve the smile they deserve.

Clear Braces

Clear Braces in Richardson Texas

For patients that are looking for a clear alternative to traditional braces. 


Invisalign in Richardson Texas

Align your teeth with Invisalign. No brackets & no wires required.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces in Richardson Texas

Smile confidently every where you go with truly hidden braces.


20 Years Of Beautiful Smiles

Abdul Hanoun DDS M S

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment in Richardson TX

We are now Proudly offering affordable orthodontic treatment to the Richardson TX community.

At Infinite Orthodontics, Dr. Hanoun and his team of experts are offering flexible payment options to help all patients achieve the smile that they deserve.

Conveniently located, Infinite Orthodontics is easily accessible to all of North Dallas.

Our State of the art modern office offers a welcoming experience that can sometimes make you forget that you are at a dental office.

During the past 20 years, Dr. Hanoun has been helping achieve beautiful smiles . Going in to 2021 our goal is to change 100 smiles.

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Orthodontist for Adults in Richardson Texas

Convenient Appointments

Don’t miss work for braces

Don’t miss school for braces

Infinite Orthodontics has convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule.


Convenient Payment Options

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Flexible Payment Options.

Getting started with orthodontic treatment in Richardson Texas has never been this easy!


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INBRACE In Richardson Texas

What is INBRACE?

INBRACE is one of the latest innovations in orthodontics. INBRACE brackets hide behind your teeth aligns your teeth using a space-age memory wire.

Why should I choose INBRACE?

In addition to this orthodontic system being virtually invisible, It introduces a  Smartwire Technology that is friction free that results in less painful orthodontic treatment. INBRACE also allows patients to brush and floss normally.


Truly Hidden Braces

Braces Hidden Behind Your Teeth

Customize Your Smile

Created with 3D Imaging

Hassle Free

Brush & Floss Normally

Getting Started With Orthodontic Treatment In Richardson Texas

Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION to learn how easy it is to get started with your orthodontic treatment. With our convenient location and flexible payment options, most patients start their orthodontic treatment the same day!

Why do I need to straighten my teeth?

There are many benefits to having your teeth straightened, We suggest to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION to learn how you will benefit from straight teeth.

You should consider straightening your teeth if;

  • You are not happy with your smile
  • You have been diagnosed with a condition such as:
    • Overbite
    • Underbite
    • Speech Impediments
    • Jaw or TMJ Pain
    • Difficulty Eating Chewing and Eating
    • Grinding or Clenching Your Teeth
    • Crowded Teeth
    • Overlapping Teeth
    • Crooked Teeth


Which Orthodontic Treatment Is Faster?

A common question all patients have is “How long will I have to wear braces?”

Although, every patients needs are different, advances in technology have helped develop solutions to speed up your orhtodontic treatment. Don’t forget to ask about

  • Self Ligating Braces
    • Damon Braces
  • Propel Orthodontics
  • Acceledent

or other alternatives to speed up your orthodontic treatment time.

Can I Get Braces If Im Missing Some Teeth?

We highly suggest you get braces prior to replacing your teeth. Having your teeth properly aligned will get you the best function and cosmetic outcomes when you replace your missing tooth.

Can I Get Braces If My Teeth Have Crowns?

We have many patients get braces with crowns. We have to use a special technique to ensure that the brackets do not come off the crown. 

At the end of your orthodontic treatment you may want to consider replacing the crown. Your orthodontist and general dentist will communicate to make the best decision for each patient.


Does my insurance cover Orthodontic Treatment in Richardson TX?

We will be happy to do a complimentary insurance benefits check.

Insurance coverage is a contract between patients and the insurance carriers. 

Orthodontic coverage can vary and will depend on your insurance plan. 


Patient A

Has Delta Dental

Plan – ABC

This plan covers 50% orthodontic coverage up to $1,000 lifetime max 

Patient B

has Delta Dental

Plan – XYZ

This plan covers 80% up to $1,750 and only for patients up to the age of 18

Patient C 

Has Delta Dental Plan LMNOP

This plan has no orthodontic coverage

But don’t worry,

We work with all patients regardless of their insurance coverage.


A Caring Team

Visit our caring team of expert with any questions you may have regarding orthodontic treatment.