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Invisalign Plano, Texas

Invisalign in Richardson, Tx

Infinite Orthodontics offers Invisalign Treatment in Plano, Texas. 

In fact, we help patients accomplish the smile they desire without braces.

Did you know that Invisalign treatment is nearly invisible?

It gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want and the freedom to brush and floss normally.

Infinite Orthodontics is a designated Invisalign Premier Preferred Provider.

In recognition of our experience and continuing education with Invisalign, we are confident that we are the right clear choice for Invisalign in Plano.

Getting started with Invisalign

Infinite Orthodontics makes It easy to get started with Invisalign.

  1. It all begins with your exam and diagnosis by Dr.Hanoun, Dr. Issa or Dr. Rayburn.
  2. Followed by, photographs, digital x-rays and impressions or scans of your teeth.
  3. That information is then sent to Align Technology, the manufacturers of Invisalign, along with the doctor’s treatment instructions.
  4. Dr.Hanoun, Dr. Issa and Dr. Rayburn then work closely with a technician at Invisalign to precisely design the movements for each tooth.
  5. Finally, its ready for review. Attention to detail is a critical part of Invisalign treatment with Dr.Hanoun, Dr. Issa and Dr. Rayburn. 
  6. A final treatment design will be approved.
  7. That information is manufactured as a finely calibrated set of aligners designed to move your teeth gradually into their finished positions.

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Why Choose Infinite Orthodontics

Here are a few great reasons why you should join us on our path to extraordinarily straight teeth using Invisalign in Plano, Texas:


Invisalign is very convenient. Whether you are a child, a teen, or an adult, Invisalign will easily fit around your busy schedule. Patients in active Invisalign treatment are only required to visit our offices every six to eight weeks.


Our customized Invisalign clear aligners are implemented to treat a wide variety of conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to: Vertical overbites Horizontal overbites Gaps in teeth Spaces in teeth Underbites Impacted teeth Crooked teeth


Not only are our Invisalign clear aligner trays comfortable to wear, they are easily dismountable. We make sure your everyday life is not affected while undergoing Invisalign treatment. With Invisalign, it is easy to brush and floss normally. Compared to braces, It is also easier eat whatever and whenever you want. Unlike traditional metal braces, The foods you eat are not restricted.


Choosing Invisalign treatment in Plano, Texas will effortlessly fit and adapt to you and your lifestyle. We strive to make sure your Invisalign aligners fit conveniently and smoothly.

Practically Invisible

No one will ever know you are undergoing Invisalign treatment. Our unique Invisalign clear aligner trays are practically invisible. You will not even know they are there! Enjoy life without having to worry about the aesthetic side of treating your teeth.

Excellent results

Invisalign clear aligners have proven drastic positive outcomes in improving patient’s management of tooth movement, while straightening their teeth at the same time.

Accelerated Treatment

Invisalign treatment involves weekly aligner changes to the aligner trays. This expedites your journey to straighter teeth! Longer periods between aligner changes may be assessed in mature adults. This all depends on how receptive your teeth are being to Invisalign treatment.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

All of this sounds like good news doesn’t it?

At this point, you may be curious as to how much Invisalign in Plano, Texas will cost you.

Invisalign treatment prices vary from patient to patient.

Owning insurance will definitely play a factor on how much of Invisalign treatment will come out of your pocket.

Prices at Infinite Orthodontists are highly competitive.

Our services transcend all other orthodontists offering Invisalign in Plano, Texas.

Look no further, schedule an appointment with us today. You will immediately notice the remarkable quality in our service and see the results for yourself!

Is Invisalign Worth My Hard Earned Money?

The answer is a hefty yes.

While Invisalign substantially improves your bite and smile, a little bit of discipline will be required from you.

That’s it! All you must do is make sure you keep your Invisalign aligner trays in twenty to twenty-two hours each day.

At the end of your Invisalign treatment adventure, all these hours will be worth it.

We strive for the perfect, white, and straight teeth for our patients. Invisalign may be the best oral health decision you ever make!

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Begin Your Invisalign Journey With Infinite Orthodontics

Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.

Unlike direct to consumer aligners such as smile direct club. Our knowledgeable licensed orthodontists on board, Dr. Issa, Dr. Hanoun, and Dr. Rayburn, at Infinite Orthodontics will assist you in enhancing your life by providing you with impeccable tools to establish outstanding oral health.

We look forward to meeting you. Feel free to ask us any questions at any time if you are unclear about something.

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The big question may be, is Invisalign for me? We are here to reveal to you that YES, it is! Let us demonstrate how Invisalign treatment in Plano, Texas can change your life forever.

Which insurance do you accept for Invisalign?

We work with most major insurance carriers including but not limited to:

  • Delta Dental
  • MetLife
  • Guardian
  • Lincoln
  • TeamCare
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Ameritas
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Principal
  • and many more….

Don’t forget, you can request a free benefits check to learn if your insurance can help cover the cost of Invisalign.

Transform Your Smile, Transform Your Confidence.

Professional success starts with a confident smile. Elevate your image with our expert transformations.

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