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New Patients


We’re always excited to meet new people in our office and look forward to introducing you to Infinite Orthodontics and the many benefits of orthodontic treatment. At your initial visit, one of our team members will give you a brief tour of the office and review all your health history and personal information. You’ll then meet Dr. Issa, Dr.Hanoun or Dr. Rayburn who will get to know you and conduct a thorough exam. The doctor will explain why (or why not) treatment is indicated and the options that are available for treatment. Sometimes he may discuss delaying treatment so that the time in treatment is minimized and the results are optimal.

Once the treatment diagnosis and options have been discussed, and your related questions answered, our treatment coordinator will explain the financial options related to your treatment. We want to be sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed so that you have everything you need to make the right decision for you or your child.

If Dr.Hanoun, Dr. Issa or Dr. Rayburn recommend treatment and you’d like to take the next step right away, we’ll often be able to place your braces or take your orthodontic records for Invisalign treatment the very same day to save you a trip. If the doctor recommends waiting for treatment, we’ll schedule your next evaluation appointment so you can plan ahead and put it on your calendar.


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an examination with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7. While the majority of children are not ready for orthodontic treatment at this age, the orthodontist can check for developing teeth and jaw problems that are often not detectable by your regular dentist or the child’s parent. We provide this initial exam at no cost, so there’s no financial obstacle to getting the information about your child’s orthodontic health.

This initial exam may reveal that your child’s bite is just fine, and there’s no need for treatment. Or it may reveal that there is a need for future treatment or more immediate treatment. Either way, Dr.Hanoun, Dr. Issa and Dr. Rayburn will give you detailed information that will provide the best outcome for your child. Many children will be placed in our growth and development program with periodic no-cost evaluation appointments so that they can be monitored and any interceptive treatment can be addressed at the best time.

Before You Arrive

We look forward to meeting you! Please fill out our secure online health history form before coming in for your first appointment to save a little time.

Health History Form

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We believe you should never have to choose between what you can afford and the very best care. That’s why Infinite Orthodontics offers low and no-interest financing options and also accepts most major credit cards.

You may also have orthodontic insurance coverage as part of your dental insurance policy, so be sure to check your policy to see if you have a benefit to help with a portion of the investment for orthodontic treatment. Our financial coordinator is happy to assist you with your insurance forms to help you maximize your benefit.