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Invisalign Before and After

Invisalign before & after

Invisalign has become an absolute turning-point with regards to straightening teeth. With its state-of-the-art and pioneering technology, it has become a vital replacement to traditional metal braces.

Patients of all ages visit us at Infinite Orthodontics, aiming to achieve a radiant smile that suits both their everyday life and budget. We strive to help you attain your dream smile – the most attractive smile possible. Your successful care and treatment are our #1 priority.

 Invisalign is the preferred appliance for most individuals to achieve that smile. Invisalign is an orthodontic method or a cover used to straighten the teeth. It is a cap-like structure that a patient wears over his teeth for approximately a year to adjust his/her teeth in the right position. The clear, removable, personalized aligners move teeth in a gentle approach to the ultimate desired form for a better smile.

Dental Problems Invisalign Can Fix


An overbite is an overlap or gap between the top and bottom front teeth. A slight overbite is normal; though when it becomes huge, it can result in a series of problems.


An underbite is when the lower front teeth and jaw are positioned in front of the upper front teeth and jaw. An underbite can lead to jaw and joint pain.


A crossbite is when some of your upper teeth rest behind your lower teeth rather than on the outside. Crossbites usually cause chipping or tooth wear.

Open Bite:

An open bite happens when the upper and lower front teeth bend outwards and do not touch when the mouth is closed.

Gap teeth:

Having gap teeth simply means there are a few extra gaps between some of your teeth. These can form holes where food can get trapped, which can make your gums sore and tender.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth is when there is not enough space in the mouth for permanent teeth to grow straight. Hence, people with this type of misalignment have crooked teeth that overlap.

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Before and After

In case you’re still wondering if this kind of treatment can truly get things done, have a look at these photos below. These patients were treated with Invisalign, and as you can notice, it worked!

How do Invisalign Works?

During your consultation, our orthodontist will assess your smile and take quick and well-defined 3D models of your teeth and outline a personal treatment program for you. Everyone’s teeth are unique, so a custom-made plan here is essential for a successful treatment.

The 3D plan enables you to see ‘before and after’ looks of your teeth before the treatment has even started. This enables you and our orthodontist to imagine the predicted result of your treatment and explain various treatment options you may like to think about.

Each clear teeth aligner is custom-made to match your teeth and developed to put force in precisely the right spots to gradually move them into alignment. You should wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day for the most beneficial result, so don’t leave them off for quite a long time.

To optimize the straightening procedure, our orthodontist will provide you a new set of aligners every one to two weeks, depending on the orthodontist’s recommendation; however, this doesn’t suggest having consultations that often. At each phase of the treatment, you will start to notice your teeth slowly getting better, giving you a better-looking smile. The Invisalign treatment not just allows our orthodontist to control the pressure exerted on your teeth, but the timing of it as well.

Our orthodontist will just have to monitor the progress of your treatment every four to six weeks, and see if some adjustments need to be done to the treatment plan.

Invisalign Treatment Timeline

For teens, treatment time can vary, depending on the severity of the case. The treatment for an adult condition is approximately 12 months — this varies, by all means. For all patients, your orthodontist will work closely with you to map out a special treatment plan completely custom-made to your specific needs.

Also, your orthodontist may use attachments to further polish your smile. Sometimes, tooth-colored fillings or composite resins may be installed on your teeth that help the aligner hold the teeth better, which can then lead to the right shifting of the tooth.

Invisalign After Treatment

Once treatment is complete, maintenance should occur. This applies no matter what type of braces or alignment care you choose; however, maintenance is necessary. Following that, if you don’t observe the maintenance exercises accurately, the work can be ruined.

After treatment maintenance starts with retainers. The first thing that every Invisalign patient will get once their Invisalign treatment is completed is a retainer.

Wearing Your Retainer

Retainers keep the pressure on your teeth to secure them after Invisalign treatment. It’s manifested that teeth can or will return to their original form if you don’t wear a retainer after treatment.

  • Do not eat with the retainer(s) in. Food debris can be trapped on it. It is good to remove it while eating and put it back when done.
  • Do not drink hot beverages with the retainer(s) in as this can melt or damage them.

Cleaning your retainer

Making sure that your retainer is clean and is not holding unhealthy bacteria is vital to keeping teeth strong after your Invisalign treatment. You will have to clean your retainer suitably every day.

  • You can scrub your retainer carefully with soapy water and a toothbrush every day.
  • Never brush your retainer with toothpaste. Toothpaste is rough and can scrape your retainer or fade its gloss, causing stained teeth and stained teeth.
  • Ensure to at least rinse the retainer between removing and replacing it in your mouth.

Continue Working with us

Since you have completed your program of treatment with Invisalign, that does not signify your teeth will stop moving. As mentioned, teeth will continue to move for the rest of your life. Without fail, maintained appointments with Infinite Orthodontics assures that when new complications occur, Dr. Hanoun can stop and fix the issue, so it does not develop into a more severe case.

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We hope you become inspired with the Invisalign before and after pictures and finally decide to get one.

Every patient’s orthodontic course is unique, and at Infinite Orthodontics, we aspire to design a personalized treatment plan that suits both your budget and your way of living. Our treatment advisers will work with you to obtain a special financing option that matches your case. If you’re ready to start your journey, give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!