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Hidden Braces in Dallas, TX

Some people may be embarrassed or feel self conscience when it comes to their teeth and smile. For those moments when you want to show your beautiful smile, the elites at 3M have designed an innovative answer for aligning teeth. Infinite Orthodontics provides you the option to readjust your teeth without anyone spotting!


With the Damon System, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy smile in a shorter time and with greater ease than traditional ones.

Hidden Braces / Lingual Braces / Incognito Braces

Aside from traditional braces, our office also offers incognito hidden or lingual braces near Dallas, TX. They are applied at the back of your teeth. These braces are hidden, and no one can notice them.

Gold brackets are custom-made to match the surfaces of the teeth, with the wires being pre-molded based on the produced treatment program. They will change the way you talk for the first couple of days, as you get used to them. Despite the fact that most of our patients are treated with lingual braces; there may be cases in which some parts may be evident during treatment.

Hidden Braces undeniably the most subtle orthodontic device available and lets you carry out your everyday lives without concerning yourself about the presence of braces.

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Benefits of Incognito Hidden Braces

This type of braces is an ideal option for patients with particular treatment demands. Here are some benefits of the Incognito Hidden Braces:

  •         Invisible – Braces sit at the back of your teeth, so they are not immediately noticeable.
  •         Comfortable – You will feel minimal discomfort and a speech impediment. But after a while, you will be able to eat and speak normally.
  •         Customized – Shaped with revolutionary robotic precision based on your unique dental shape and attached with bonding trays.
  •         Effective – Incognito Hidden Braces are a fairly competent. orthodontic treatment for patients wanting to restore their smile without metal braces.
  •         Decalcification – No risk of decalcification to the front tooth surface.

What is the Hidden Braces Procedure Like?

The first step to installing hidden braces involves the orthodontist taking impressions of the teeth. The impressions will be given to a dental lab, where personalized brackets will be created. This usually takes about 6 weeks.

After getting impressions of your teeth, a scan will be made to examine your current dental anatomy – then our orthodontist, Dr. Hanoun, will hatch a treatment method. Incognito braces involve the installation of durable gold braces at the back of your teeth, supported by wires.

Once your customized braces are ready, you’ll visit our office for what is termed as a bonding appointment to have the brackets and wires fitted. The bonding phase is under anesthetic, and it lasts roughly two hours. Our expert will insert a device to keep your tongue in place and your mouth dry. Next, he will dry your teeth and use an etchant to make the tooth surface great for bonding.

Then, they will apply dental cement to attach the brackets behind your teeth. Elastic ties, hooks, archwires, and other appliances will be situated on the brackets, as required to start the smile improvement procedure.

 The brackets and wires create constant but mild force, moving each tooth gradually into the direction your orthodontist wants. Modern technology is adopted to ensure incognito braces are remarkably lighter and thinner than other braces.                                                                                                        

Once your braces are on, you’ll have to return to our office every few weeks to tighten and adjust the wires until you attain the coveted result.

When your Incognito Hidden braces treatment ends, we’ll ready you for a retainer, which you’ll wear according to Dr. Hanoun’s directions.

After Treatment

You may experience pain or throbbing after every adjustment period. There are medicines you can take to help relieve pain and waxes that will prevent any wires from poking you.

You might find it odd while moving your tongue and your speech may be slightly affected when the braces are applied. But, these feelings should melt away over time when you get adapted to wearing the braces.

Who Can Wear Incognito Hidden Braces?

These hidden braces are an excellent option for teens and adults. Generally, if you’re a suitable candidate for traditional braces or invisible braces, you’re a great candidate for Incognito Hidden braces as well.

Media professionals, athletes, musicians who play wind instruments, and patients who are not fit for Invisalign, but want to achieve less obvious orthodontic treatment, may opt for this treatment. But, depending on your teeth’ condition they might not be applicable for all situations, so ask your dentist about this.

Can Hidden Braces Straighten Any Misalignment Of Teeth?

Patient of all age can start treatments with Incognito Hidden Braces if you are suffering from issues, such as:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Rotated teeth

Are Lingual Braces Comfortable?

Many patients state that it takes between several days to a couple of weeks to get used to it. Fortunately, Incognito hidden braces are custom-made, making the adjustment stage even more comfortable. Once you get adjusted to them, they are very convenient, and you won’t even detect it in your mouth.

How long do lingual braces take?

Depending on how much correcting you need, hidden braces can take anything from several months to two years. Much as you need the entire two years, you’ll begin to witness a change within a couple of months.


Cost of Lingual Braces

The Incognito hidden braces cost varies depending on many factors, like the severity of your teeth and the span of your treatment. However, hidden braces tend to be pricier than traditional braces, yet it does depend on your dental insurance coverage.

Our office will offer you several financing options. Never hesitate to ask us regarding the costs during your consultation. You might be amazed at what is available.

Cleaning Your Teeth With Lingual Braces

Regardless of what type of braces you prefer, keeping your teeth clean is vital. Food gets trapped in the brackets and wires and can trigger plaque to accumulate, which causes cavities. It is sufficient to brush your teeth after each meal. Make sure that you brush every tooth at the gum line and below and above the brackets of your braces.

Since hidden braces are behind your teeth, you must focus on that part of your mouth. Use a toothbrush with a narrow tip – this will make it easier to reach the back of your teeth.

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