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Damon Braces in Richardson

damon braces in richardson

For most patients, the idea of wearing braces doesn’t specifically sound fun. With the latest Damon braces, we can deliver outstanding orthodontic results in a brief span. At Infinite Orthodontics, with locations in Richardson and Plano, we are pleased to provide both traditional and self-ligating brackets depending upon preference.

With the Damon System, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy smile in a shorter time and with greater ease than traditional ones.

Damon Braces

Damon braces aren’t your regular braces. Instead, an orthodontic treatment applies self-ligating braces, which indicates that the brackets themselves have an element that ties around the wire to keep it connected.

The braces are tailored in a very way as conventional metal braces; however, since the wire that attaches the slide brackets generates less stress than regular elastics do, it moves smoothly with your teeth as they straighten.

Damon braces are modeled to be invisible, suitable, and easy to clean. Without the visible metal part that can yellow during treatment and the elastic bands that have been proven to attract and collect plaque, Damon braces make oral hygiene easy during treatment.

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Types of Damon braces

There are several similarities between Damon braces and traditional braces. One of those resemblances is that, as with regular braces, there are different types of Damon System braces. These include:

Damon metal braces

Damon metal braces look almost identical to regular metal braces. The noticeable difference is that regular braces usually have small hooks for elastic ties, while Damon braces do not. By way of the Damon System, you can also notice the self-ligating sliding tool—though only if you examine earnestly. 

Damon braces colors

The invisible option is appealing to those who like their braces to remain unseen, but if you are into expressing your identity, your orthodontist can offer you a wide variety of Damon braces colors. Whatever color your heart wants, is simply laid beneath the archwire.

Ceramic (clear) braces

Ceramic braces are composed of clear materials and are less obvious on your teeth than metal braces. As such, it is used commonly on older teens and adult patients who have aesthetic problems. As they are visually less noticeable, they do demand more attention to dental hygiene as ceramic braces are bigger and are more fragile than metal ones. Ceramic braces tend to be applied more on upper front teeth than on lower teeth.

Benefits Of The Damon Braces System

Every time there is a breakthrough in orthodontic technology, there are several benefits, and so is the Damon braces. At Richardson, we find that Damon braces have many benefits, including:

  •         Less visible than traditional metal braces
  •         No ligatures
  •         Fewer office visits
  •         Less pain/discomfort
  •         Strong and hard to break
  •         Faster treatment
  •         Healthier for teeth
  •         Easier to clean than traditional braces
  •         Do not leave staining/discoloration after treatment

Damon Braces Versus Traditional Metal Braces

Damon Braces differ from traditional metal braces because they are self-ligating or self-binding braces. Traditional metal braces are attached to teeth and then they are amended by an orthodontist; however, Damon braces have distinct doors and slides that work to glide teeth with continuous force and adjustment. 

Since there is always pressure on your teeth shifting them into the place, you can efficiently lessen the period of your treatment and undergo far fewer appointments because your braces will not require regular adjustments.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Damon braces?

Damon braces can be used by patients of all ages, to improve a range of orthodontic conditions. Thus while you may have refrained from wearing braces as a child, you’re never too old to have more even teeth.

 Same as traditional braces, Damon braces may be a great option for repairing teeth that:

  •         Have problems with malocclusion, like a crossbite, open bite, underbite, or  overbite
  •         Have an excessive gap between them
  •         Are crowded or crooked

They can also correct buck teeth (overjet) or a gummy smile.

Do Damon Braces Really Move Teeth Faster?

Damon Braces are possibly among the most reliable procedures that patients can align their teeth faster, without needing to deal with some expanders or extractions in their treatment, and with fewer office visits.c

Do Damon Braces Hurt?

Damon braces have been described to provide less stress and pressure on the teeth, delivering the braces feel a lot more comfortable. Based on a study led by Tagawa, Damon patients expressed 60% less pain compared with patients that are using traditional braces. Utilizing the sliding tool that Damon braces use, an orthodontist can implement less strength to produce the same results.

How Much Do Damon Braces Cost?

In general, Damon Braces cost approximately $4000 – $8000 and normally fall around $6000. However, it depends on your location and depending on the starting condition of a patient’s teeth. Your Damon orthodontist will be able to determine your cost during your consultation visit.

Are Damon Braces the Right Choice for You?

Before deciding to get Damon braces, there are some questions you have to ask yourself and your orthodontist. The first step is visiting the nearest orthodontist so that they can check your teeth and give their opinion on whether it is plausible to have Damon braces fitted.

The next step is to assess and think through if you absolutely need this type of braces and why. Some people favor Damon braces considering they don’t like their braces attracting attention each time they smile. Other people chose them because they feel more at ease and take less time to manifest results.

Experience Damon braces with Infinite Orthodontics in Richardson

In case you’ve been thinking of having orthodontic treatment, though, aren’t sure about regular braces, the Damon braces could be an exceptional option for you. To have more information about how Damon’s clear braces can provide you a more beautiful smile, drop us a line today and book a free consultation with Dr. Hanoun and his team!

 We would like to meet you and help you attain that straighter and healthier smile, and share it with everyone you love.