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Ceramic Braces in Richardson, Texas

Ceramic Braces in Richardson

Most people want to have straighter teeth, though not everybody seems comfortable wearing blatant metal braces. Ceramic braces are an imminent substitute to traditional braces, providing the same smile-optimizing benefits without the striking aspect of metal.

If you’re searching for ceramic braces in Richardson, Texas, then call Infinite Orthodontist. Many Richardson residents and neighboring areas visit our dental office because of our services, competent team, and affordable pricing.

All about Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are formed from a sheer plastic material that is nearly transparent. This aspect makes them sought-after among our adult patients who are interested in keeping a less obvious, subtle look in their social or professional life when in their treatment.

Ceramic braces are as effective as metal braces in adjusting teeth’ alignment. The brackets are attached to each tooth and connected with an archwire. Tiny elastic ties secure the wire in place on each bracket – and they are frequently the same color as the brackets.

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Types of Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces

Clear braces can be made from either aluminum compound (ceramic) or polycarbonate (plastic). The aluminum compound most frequently used in clear ceramic brackets is sturdier and stain-resistant compared to plastic. If your teeth are naturally white, clear ceramic braces are the most suitable option for you. The clear material nearly disappears on the surface of the teeth.

White ceramic braces

White ceramic braces appear even better against teeth that are a somewhat darker shade. A different aluminum compound is utilized to produce the whitish shade of these brackets. With specific brands, it’s plausible to have brackets created to complement the color of your teeth. Others arrive in regular tones that may not be a perfect fit.

Colored ceramic braces

Even though many people prefer ceramic fixed braces since they want them to be as obscure as possible, there’s nothing to hinder you from leaving them with colored bands. You can customize them by selecting from a variety of colored bands. Particularly concerning ceramic braces for youngsters, kids may want the benefit of having color.

Why Choose Ceramic Braces?

Discreet: The most prominent and typical glamor of ceramic braces is their discrete character. They can treat several of the more serious orthodontic problems that Invisalign cannot, at the same time offering a less conspicuous look than metal braces do. They overcome the differences between these two most recognized treatments.

Even though the structure of ceramic braces will be prominent on the patient’s teeth, the brackets are much more subtle than metal braces are, particularly from a distance or in photos. Sometimes, ceramic braces can also work faster than clear aligners can.

Less Painful: We offer ceramic braces in Richardson that provide our patients with less discomfort on their cheeks and gums, as ceramic is a less abrasive and ragged material. The basic symptom of ceramic braces is pain after each tightening of the wires. This only lasts for a couple of days, and over-the-counter pain medicine can help.

Durable: There is a general misunderstanding that ceramic braces are less durable than metal braces. Most people worry that they will need to change their braces before their proper position is attained since ceramic is light. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem at Infinite Orthodontics. Our ceramic braces are hard to break and last throughout your whole treatment.

How Effective Are Ceramic Braces?

The success of any dental program depends on your dental necessities and the orthodontist’s recommendation.

Ceramic braces are fit for several of the same cases corrected by the traditional type. The limitation of a ceramic appliance is that it can’t endure as much pressure, so it may not be a suitable treatment for everyone. Traditional braces can be more effective for some cases of severe misalignment or excessive overcrowding.

Am I a Good Candidate for Ceramic Braces?

Normally, teens or adults with already developed jaws make the most suitable candidates.  This secures a quick improvement and a lower risk of brackets snapping due to the pressure of tooth movement.

Good candidates can likewise be the individuals who need a malocclusion procedure that is not particularly prominent. This is the right treatment for you if you are a university student or have permanent employment, and you wouldn’t like to attract attention.

Keep in mind that only an orthodontist or professional dentist can make a final decision on your particular case’s best solution.

Do Ceramic Braces Take Longer?

One of the most popular questions we get regarding ceramic braces is, do they take longer? The answer is yes and no. Ceramic braces are used to treat mild to severe problems, with a treatment period working out at around 18-24 months depending on the level of treatment needed. It takes the same amount of time to address orthodontic problems as metal braces.

Cost of Adult Braces

Depending on your dental care requirements, the cost of braces usually ranges from $2,000 to $7,000. The value of orthodontia depends on your teeth condition, other medical conditions you may have, and the type of appliance you will wear.

Dental insurance generally will cover a percentage of your orthodontic treatments; however, it’s essential to review coverage limits. Some insurance companies offer plans that cover treatment for adults equal to 50%, while some plans simply extend orthodontic coverage for kids 19 and below.

Do Ceramic Braces Cost More than Traditional Braces?

Ceramic braces are usually more expensive than traditional braces in the long run. This cost difference can be connected to several reasons.

For example, their fragility frequently suggests that the patient’s teeth are aligned at a slower rate than traditional braces. A longer treatment will demand more time with your orthodontist. Your ceramic braces are also more prone to undergo damage during your treatment procedure, which may result in additional orthodontic appointments.

Though most patients’ average cost of braces ranges from $4000 and $8000 for ceramic braces. Similar to other aesthetic braces, your insurance does not cover ceramics braces. This is often the problem when you pursue treatments for cosmetic purposes. Your insurance company will only cover you if you have extreme malocclusions.

Taking Care of Ceramic Braces

Considering food particles can become stuck in the wires and brackets, be meticulous about regular brushing and flossing, particularly after meals, to prevent tartar and cavities buildup.

More importantly, to prevent your ceramic braces from becoming loose or breaking, it’s beneficial to avoid certain foods during your treatment, such as:

  • Chewing gum
  • Nuts
  • Hard vegetables like carrots
  • Caramel
  • Hardtack

You’ll also need to limit your consumption of foods and drinks that can cause bands to stain. These include:

  • Berries
  • Curry
  • Brightly-colored candies
  • Tomato sauce
  • Beets
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Soda
  • Balsamic vinegar & soy sauce

Ceramic Braces Near Richardson

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