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Best Orthodontist Near Me

Reviews of the Best Orthodontist

Most people throughout the Plano area are asking, how can I find the best orthodontist near me? Where can I find a qualified dentist or orthodontist?

Every person or patient wants the Best Plano Orthodontist for their orthodontic needs. At Infinite Orthodontics, we aim to provide the highest quality treatment in a professional and friendly environment. We are proud to have taken the journey to a new smile with many Plano families and look forward to treating your family as well.

Dr. Hanoun and the Team

Choosing a board-certified orthodontist in Houston with over 100 orthodontic specialists should not be hard.

Meeting an orthodontist near you is a great step because he has the practice to help you have the perfect oral health plausible. Finding an orthodontist that can treat your intricate condition to get the most radiant smile at the most reasonable cost isn’t always easy.

Dr. Hanoun is a Houston orthodontic specialist with additional specialized education to address complicated cases. You will always get the highest quality of dental treatment regardless of your condition!

Dr. Hanoun and the team’s main goal is to provide advanced care to the folks of Texas. Infinite Orthodontics’ team of doctors offers you the most beneficial treatment with maximum attention and morality. Our doctors frequently engage in various learning programs so that they are continually updated with the most modern development in their field, which is eventually benefiting our patients.

Difference between Dentist and Orthodontic Specialists

A certified dentist can diagnose and treat some oral health conditions, including those that affect your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth. When they encounter a more complex case, a dentist might refer you to a specialist. They might also propose that your problem needs surgery.

It is vital that in this circumstance, you talk with the best orthodontist near you. Our specialists are known for correcting these types of intricate cases. After evaluating and diagnosing your oral condition, they will offer you the best workable exclusive treatment plan.

Best Orthodontist Near Me Reviews

The Infinite Orthodontics staff and Dr. Hanoun did an amazing job in taking care of my son’s braces and working with our schedule to achieve the results! I can not say enough about them. They were also extremely competitive in pricing compared to other offices in the area. I can definitely see the return on investment with our end result!

Fairouz Awawdeh
Fairouz Awawdeh
Amazing!! Love it here the team is great 👍 Dr.Hanoun is very helpful Highly recommend Ashley & Hillary are extra Caring 😍❤️
chasity marzell
chasity marzell
Big thanks to the staff here for taking care of me on this journey. Dr. Hanoun is straight forward, will get the job done... Ashley anytime I needed anything extra she'd fit me in the schedule. Mrs. Martha is the sweetest!
Soufiane Abbadi
Soufiane Abbadi
After waiting for a year following the removal of my braces, I am thrilled to finally write this review and confirm that Dr. Hanoun's work is nothing short of perfect. I am incredibly satisfied with the results and the exceptional care he provided throughout my orthodontic journey. I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Dr. Hanoun, an outstanding orthodontist who deserves the highest praise. From start to finish, my journey with him has been nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Hanoun's professionalism is truly commendable. He maintains a high level of expertise and knowledge in his field, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in orthodontic treatments. His attention to detail is evident in the meticulous care he provides to his patients. During my visits, he took the time to thoroughly explain each step of the treatment process, ensuring I had a clear understanding of what to expect. Appointments were always punctual, and I never had to wait beyond my scheduled time. This level of efficiency not only showcases his respect for his patients' time but also reflects his dedication to providing an exceptional patient experience.
Chris Avalos
Chris Avalos
My experience was the best. The people here are vibrant; they changed my life completely. I couldn't be any happier with the results. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is struggling with their teeth fixed to choose this place. Thank you Dr. Issa & all of Monarch Dental for boosting my level of confidence and feeling great when I smile! Wonderful job guys:)
Brittni Nathan
Brittni Nathan
My son's braces journey went well. He unfortunately needed a gingivectomy, and infinite Ortho took care of him after the surgeries. He loves the results.
Everybody is so attentive and welcoming, thank you Ashley, Naomi, Hilary, Cindy and Dr Hanoun for all your help in my brace journey, the result comes out better than I expected:)

Orthodontic Treatment at Infinite Orthodontics

We offer a variety of treatment options here at Infinite Orthodontics in Plano. The options are intended to match varying conditions, budgets, and preferences, and we include braces that are manufactured from an array of various materials. Our treatment options include:

  •         Metal braces
  •         Ceramic Braces
  •         Lingual Braces
  •         InBraces
  •         Invisalign Aligners
  •         Surgical orthodontics
  •         Propel Orthodontics

Our Specialist Orthodontists have the skills to treat a wide range of orthodontic treatments for all ages, young and old. Click to read more about our orthodontics services.

From Infinite Orthodontics

Dr. Issa and Dr. Abdul F Hanoun Joined the office of Dr. Stephen Rayburn who has served the Orthodontics needs of Plano, TX for over 30 years, and Infinite Orthodontics was created. This new partnership brings together very like-minded orthodontists who believe in using the technological advances available to make orthodontic treatment faster and more comfortable, but also are committed to providing an experience and care that is perfectly suited to each individual.

Dr. Hanoun is confident that the smiles they create do more than look attractive; the benefits of a smile from Infinite Orthodontics are endless. Give us a call today at (972) 931-9998 or contact us via our web form, and let Infinite Orthodontics power your possibilities.

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