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Affordable Braces

Affordable braces

Finding affordable braces can be among the toughest parts of conventional oral care. We know that braces can be a heavy expense to afford, and we definitely want the people of Plano and neighboring areas to have healthy mouths, so we aim to have our braces treatments obtainable to you.

At Infinite Orthodontics, we offer a wide array of braces so that we can properly restore our patients’ smiles. We know the importance of mending crooked or misaligned teeth. It is a confidence booster and can help secure a patient’s teeth to stay healthy.

Why Orthodontic Treatment?

The purpose of Orthodontic Treatment is a healthy bite- meaning straight teeth that coordinate firmly with the teeth in the opposing jaw. A healthy bite makes it more relaxed for you to chew, eat and speak. This can improve your oral health and your overall health and may gain morale.

Orthodontic Treatment is usually a part of a full-scale dental health treatment plan. With proper care, including orthodontic treatment when needed, teeth can last forever.

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Braces Treatment for Kids

Most often, kids start orthodontic treatment at the period of their growth spurt or earliest youth (ages 12-15). But, some children may need to start early on their orthodontic treatment. The primary intention of kids getting braces before their teenage growth spurt is to direct their skeletal and dental development more successfully. Some cases are more accurately corrected at this early age.

Braces Treatment for Adults

About 1 million Americans over the age of 18 wear braces. There are several reasons why an adult might have malocclusion or crooked teeth and prefer to have orthodontic treatment. Genetics is among the primary causes of prevalent orthodontic problems like overbites and underbites. Prolonged habits during childhood, like thumb sucking or biting your lips, can cause the front teeth to become misaligned.

affordable braces

How Much Do Braces Cost?

To begin, there is no fixed amount with regards to the cost of braces. The cost of braces depends on some factors including the complexity of problems being corrected, duration of treatment, and even the geographical region.

In most cases, braces’ cost can range from $5,000–$6,000; however, at times, they may cost as high as $10,000.

But there are some common areas. The costs include all the wires, brackets, elastic ties, aligners, and attachment stage, and regular visits to the orthodontist. There may also be added items, like x-rays, teeth removal, and the use of retainers, that could add to the price.

Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of Getting Braces?

If you discover that getting braces is pricier than you imagine you can pay, it’s worth reviewing whether this treatment is covered by your insurance. This can help reduce the financial strain and make your desires for a beautiful smile become a reality.

Most of the time, health insurance only covers emergency dental procedures. They may cover orthodontic surgery for under ages 18 and below; however, if you’re an adult, then this won’t be that useful. If you’re on the most basic level of medical aid, then braces aren’t regarded as an emergency for your insurer to cover.

Can I Get Financing to Pay for Braces?

Of course! If your insurance does not cover braces, or if you require extra help financing your treatment, we can help you apply for one of our manageable, in-house installment plans. Instead of having to pay the whole cost of your treatment, we can divide it into doable monthly payments.

Talk to Us!

If you’re anxious about the cost or you have a particular maximum amount you can pay for, inform us before we start. We may be able to customize your treatment plan to accommodate your budget.

We’ll explain the result you can anticipate and work with you to achieve that perfect average, excellent results at an affordable cost.

The most effective way to keep your treatment as quick and affordable as possible is to really follow the orthodontist’s directions. Keep your braces clean. You don’t want to pay for additional appointments or replacement parts on top of the general cost of braces.

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Most Popular Affordable Braces

Metal Braces

First on the list of affordable braces is the traditional metal brace. It uses standard metal brackets together with an adhesive and connecting wire.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a popular option since they are much less noticeable and cost-effective. Brackets are made to blend in with the teeth. They can be clear or tooth-colored.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces use a built-in system to tie the archwire to the brackets. It typically uses a permanently installed, moveable component to mesh the archwire.

Invisible aligners

Invisalign is an option for some patients. Aligners resemble mouthguards. However, they move teeth similar to traditional braces. Along with their almost invisible look, they’re chosen for ease and because they can be removed.

Exceptional Orthodontic Treatment for Affordable Braces

At Infinite Orthodontics, we understand that cost is a crucial factor when looking for affordable orthodontics. We fully believe that not anyone must ever need to postpone needed orthodontic treatment because of financial matters. And therefore, we do our very best to help you work within your budget while still giving you first-rate orthodontic services.

We aim to make the cost of your treatment as comfortable and affordable as plausible. We are here to streamline the financial process, so you can concentrate on what is more important– and that’s you or your family to have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Benefit From Our Affordable Braces

Our services at Infinite Orthodontics are affordable, and with the high-level expertise of Dr. Hanoun and his team, we can provide you the radiant smile you long for.

If you’d want to talk to us regarding some financial options available for you, don’t hesitate to phone us at (972) 931-9998. To schedule a free consultation at Infinite Orthodontics, fill out this form. And we will be happy to answer all of your inquiries about braces and financial options.