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About Us

About Our Affordable Orthodontist Care

It is always our goal at Infinite Orthodontics to offer our patients the very best orthodontic care in Plano, TX, and the surrounding communities. We offer extensive orthodontic treatment for kids, teens, and adults with options of traditional braces, invisible braces, Invisalign, and ceramic braces.

Plano Orthodontist

Affordable Orthodontist in Plano

For most individuals, the cost is among the most known hindrances to getting orthodontic care.

It’s normal to be anxious about receiving affordable orthodontic treatment. Regardless of whether the treatments are for children or adults, aligning teeth is a major financial obligation. It’s necessary to verify with your insurance company to learn how much they cover. You can also call around to compare costs and receive discounts. You do not need to forgo quality orthodontic treatment to stick within your budget. Don’t rush in locating the right affordable orthodontist to satisfy your needs.

We, at Infinite Orthodontists, a big team of expert orthodontists, offer the finest in orthodontic treatment to the residents of Plano, TX. Our team of expert orthodontists can provide your entire treatment essentials in one place, saving you precious minutes and effort. We extend all orthodontics options for children, teens, and adults.

About Infinite Orthodontics

We truly believe in furthering our education so that we can learn all we can. This not only benefits us but also helps our patients. We use this knowledge to give you the most up-to-date treatments so you can have a smile that you are proud to show off.

Infinite Orthodontics proudly offers many different technologies, so you can get straighter teeth in a way that works best for you. We would be glad to go over all of your options so that together we can make the right decision for you and your oral needs.

Who Should Go to the Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists advises that a child have their first orthodontic consultation as early as the age of 7. This enables the Orthodontist to determine if your child has a prevailing Orthodontic issue or if one is showing symptoms, letting them find out who needs orthodontics at a very young age. A first check-up can help define your specific needs if you are an adult thinking of getting an Orthodontic treatment and what type of treatment would work for you.

When Should You Go?

If you are aware that you have an orthodontic problem, visiting an Orthodontist can help figure out the degree of concern. You can count on other benefits of Orthodontic treatment if you just want a cosmetic change. Those who require orthodontics discover that their risk of periodontal disease, dental cavities, and bite abnormalities may be lowered by straighter teeth. If you’re considering wearing braces or Invisalign clear aligners, getting a check-up with an orthodontist as early as possible can help you learn a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.

A Perfect Smile At An Affordable Price In Texas

Orthodontic procedure may be vital to ease discomfort or recover your smile. Orthodontic practices that center only on cosmetic procedures may demand you to spend at your own expense. Insurance is normally available particularly for medical necessities, not cosmetic works. It is usually easier to acquire coverage for children’s orthodontic needs than braces for adults. Commit to regular dental treatment so you can have decent referral and medical files for your dental insurance company. Your orthodontist may encounter problems that need affordable orthodontic treatment. These data can serve as proof of medical needs.

If you need to pay out of pocket, there are many options you can make use of. You can still get that perfect smile without dental insurance. You can retain costs low by receiving traditional affordable braces and outline a payment plan. Some orthodontists offer exclusive deals for new patients.

Transform Your Smile, Transform Your Confidence.

Professional success starts with a confident smile. Elevate your image with our expert transformations.

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Have questions about your smile? Give us a call for friendly assistance and expert advice on your orthodontic concerns.

Cost of Braces: What Are My Options?

If you’re taking braces into account, odds on, you’re knowledgeable about traditional metal braces, the ones that are fixed on your teeth; however, this isn’t the only option. There are some various treatments that you can get to have your teeth aligned and the costs for each varies. Check out the following average cost for each brace:

  • Metal braces: $3,000 to $7,000
  • Ceramic braces: $4,000 to $8,000
  • Invisalign (clear aligners/ invisible braces): $4,000 to $7,400
  • Lingual braces: $8,000 to $10,000

The affordable orthodontists at Infinite Orthodontics can go over your options and help you decide what type of braces is most-suited for your teeth and budget.

Affordable Orthodontist Without Dental Insurance

Dental insurance normally incorporates the first $1,000-$1,500. A vast majority of the costs are the result of consultation and lab fees that translate into thousands.

Adults can afford dental braces more easily when the costs come in small chunks disseminated over time, instead of having to consume enormous lumps in an instant. Patients without dental insurance still have access to establishing installment agreements.

Most orthodontists provide financial plans where they coordinate their billing plan with the work completed. The treatment extends for years, with different stages.

  • Initial check-up, diagnosis, proposal, and endorsement
  • Attachment of orthodontic appliance
  • Routine maintenance and tweaks
  • Removal of appliance
  • Imprint and creation of a retainers

Our experts at Infinite Orthodontics can help you determine the best affordable orthodontic treatment within your budget. Our orthodontist might suggest a wide selection of appliance options that have varying price details. Some discounts are likewise available for self-pay patients.

Where Can I Find An Affordable Orthodontist Near Me?

Our team at Infinite Orthodontics is committed to delivering affordable orthodontic treatment for patients, young and old. During an initial free consultation, we take this chance to thoroughly analyze a patient’s necessities, weigh up their purposes, and figure out the most suitable type of available treatment. Being the affordable orthodontist in Plano, TX, Dr. Hanoun and the rest of the team are competent in addressing numerous common orthodontic problems like gapped teeth, crooked teeth, and overcrowding.


Questions or ready to start your smile transformation? Contact us today. Your confident, radiant smile awaits!

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